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Kings of Mulberry Street

Genre: Family, Adventure
Original Title: Kings of Mulberry Street
Year: 2019

Original Version: South Africa
Duration: 86′
Subtitled in: English

Kings of Mulberry Street

A skinny kid with boundless energy and a ton of street smarts, Ticky lives in a Bollywood dream world where he’s an invincible action hero, and rooftops are his kingdom. But he needs a partner in crime and he finds an unusual accomplice in Baboo. Chubbier and a lot more nerdy, Baboo dreads physical danger, but he compensates with spirit and imagination. Determined to rid their community and their families of the evil crime boss Raja, the two 9-year-old misfits soon discover that they have lots to learn from each other. A furious chronicle of their escapades, the film pays tribute to classic Bollywood movies and their legendary heroes.

Director: Judy Naidoo

Writers: Judy Naidoo
Cast: Aaquil Hoosen, Shaan Nathoo, Amith Sing, Neville Pillay
Producer: Bianca Isaac, Judy Naidoo
Director of photography: Greg Heimann SASC
Sound: Janno Muller
Editor: Quinn Lubbe