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Icelandic Gang

Genre: Family, Adventure
Original Title: De Ijslandbende
Year: 2018

Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 73′
Subtitled in: English

Icelandic Gang

A family film about twelve-year-old Sem who dreams of going on an expedition to Iceland in memory of his father. He and his ‘Iceland Gang’ get ready for the ultimate experience, but the preparations and the trip to Iceland prove to be heavier than expected.

Director: Mans van de Berg

Writers: Thomas Dolman, Dagmar Werkhoven, Mans van de Berg
Cast: Sem van Butselaar, Mohamed Bayu, Obadh Kheir Eddin, Ashwin Evers, Babbelot Leeman, Connor van Wijk
Producer: Ibrahim Akkul, Derk van de Berg, Erik van de Brink
Director of photography: Thomas Dolman
Editor: Dagmar Werkhoven