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Horizon Beautiful

Genre: Family Collection, Drama
Original Title: Horizon Beautiful
Year: 2013
Original Version:  English
Duration: 91′

Horizon Beautiful

An aborted kidnapping attempt leaves an Ethiopian street kid and an international soccer mogul matching wits during a rambling journey through the East African wilderness. As they try to out-scheme each other and outrun chance, they come upon a genuine opportunity to redefine themselves.

Director: Stefan Jäger
Writers: Mikiyas Efram, Ephrem Alemu, Abiy Getahun, Oliver Keidel
Cast: Henok Tadele, Stefan Gubser, Rahel Teshome, Kenny Allen
Producers: Stefan Jäger, Stefan Gubser
Director of photography: Abraham Haile
Art Director: Rakeb Alemayehu, Meron Kassahun
Costume: Meron Kassahun, Rakeb Alemayehu, Catherine Schneider
Sets: Rakeb Alemayehu, Meron Kassahun
Sound: Clemens Becker, André Zacher
Editor: Robin Wenger