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Genre: Family Collection, Drama
Original Title: Hathi
Year: 1998
Original Version: French, English
Duration: 97′
Dubbed in: Spanish


Makbul was born under the sign of the elephant. He grew up in daily proximity to the wild and domesticated elephants that inhabited the forests around his native village in southern India. When an elephant calf named Vikrama is born, the animal is placed under Makbul’s care. The boy raises and trains the elephant, and they become inseparable companions. Years pass, and Makbul and his elephant grow to adulthood together. Hathi (Hindi for elephant) offers a rare close-up view of an exotic world where man and beast live in graceful harmony. A world on the verge of extinction.

Director: Philippe Gauthier
Writer: Prajna Chowta
Cast: Jamedar Sabu Saab, Kawadi Makbul, Noorullah
Producer: Rock Demers
Delegate Producer: Lorraine Du Hamel
Director of photography: Ivan Gekoff
Sound: Nicolas Favre & Jean-Marie Moulin
Editor: Myriam Poirier