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Frogs & Toads

Genre: Family Collection, Children’s
Original Title: Kikkerdril
Year: 2008
Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 75′
Subtitled in: English
Dubbed in: French, Spanish

Frogs & Toads

Six year old Max has an important mission: find some frogspawn for his older brother. Together with his girlfriend Jesse he makes an adventurous journey along fields, farms, animals and a forest which eventually leads to his grandma’s home. On his overwhelming journey through nature he’s accompanied by cheerful childrens songs.

Director: Simone van Dusseldorp
Writer: Simone van Dusseldorp
Cast: Nino Morris den Brave, Whitney Franker, Juul Vrijdag, Georgina Verbaan, Remko Vrijdag
Producers: Joost de Vries, Leontine Petit
Director of photography: Daniël Bouquet
Editor: Wouter Jansen