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Genre: Drama, Thriller/Suspense
Original Title: Fakers
Year: 2010
Original Version: English
Duration: 103′


Cousins Tanner and Ben are in their last year at an exclusive private school. Tanner is a good student who keeps his nose clean, but Ben is perpetually involved in shady get-rich-quick schemes. After sleeping with the ex-girlfriend of The Lesbian and gambling his way into debt, Ben’s life is on the line if he doesn’t come up with the cash fast. With the help of the headmistress’s daughter Emma, the cousins start a counterfeiting ring. They soon find themselves being pulled into a dangerous criminal underworld where both cops and thugs are out to get them.

Director: Pierre Gill
Writers: Jesse McKeown, Steven Westren
Cast: Greyston Holt, Andrew Francis, Alexia Fast, Mike Beaver, Gregory Smith, Drea de Matteo, Claudia Ferri, Abdul Ayoola
Producer: Greg Dummett
Delegate Producer: Martha Fernandez
Editor: Sylvain Lebel
Music: Marc Lalonde, Martin M. Tétreault