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Love Revisited

Genre: Drama, Romance
Original Title: Oude Liefde

Year: 2017
Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 99′
Subtitled in: English

Love Revisited

Two separated sixty year old’s see each other for the first time after many years when their 40-year-old son suddenly dies. In the months that follow, they seek consolation and their old love flares up again. They enjoy an innocent affair, which they try to keep secret for their family. However, that turns out to be more complicated than ever, like pushing away the unprocessed problems of the past. Before they know it, like their families, they become entangled in the consequences of this great love.

Director: Nicole van Kilsdonk
Writers: Peer Wittenbols
Cast:  Beppie Melissen, Gene Bervoets, Hadewych Minis, Halina Reijn, Eva van der Gucht, Carly Wijs, and Aus Greidanus