With his village on the edge of starvation, strongman Ésimésac hits on a plan for the community to plant a garden. Local blacksmith Riopel, hearing rumours of the railroad coming to town, enlists the townspeople in an effort to help it along. Can both projects coexist? Should Ésimésac oppose progress?

Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Original Title: Ésimésac
Year: 2012
Original Version: French
Duration: 104'
Subtitled in: English

Director: Luc Picard
Writer: Fred Pellerin, Luc Picard
Cast: Nicola-Frank Vachon, Gildor Roy, Luc Picard, Sophie Nélisse, Marie-Chantal Perron, Marie Brassard, Maude Laurendeau, René Richard Cyr, Alain Sauvage, Isabel Richer, Denis Trudel
Producer: Lorraine Richard & Luc Martineau
Delegate Producer: Martha Fernandez
Executive Producer: Daniel Proulx, Richard Speer
Director of photography: François Dutil
Art Director: Nicolas Lepage
Costume: Carmen Alie
Sound: Olivier Calvert
Editor: Yvann Thibaudeau
Music: Michel Corriveau

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