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Dragon Girls

Genre: Documentary
Original Title: Drachenmaedchen
Year: 2013
Original Version: Mandarin
Duration: 93′
Subtitled in: English

Dragon Girls

DRAGON GIRLS is the story of three girls and their life at the martial arts school Shaolin Tagou, China’s biggest Kung Fu School housing 26,000 students. Far from their families, they are fighting an every day battle of discipline, rules and hard physical training. However, despite this Kung Fu is their chance. The girls do everything they can to become the country’s best fighters, to be able to provide for their parents in future and lead a better life than them. But deep inside they have the same dreams as children all over the world have. And no one can take that from them.

Director: Inigo Westmeier
Writers: Inigo Westmeier, Benjamin Quabeck
Delegate Producer: Tom Wommer
Executive Producers: Andreas Simon, Inigo Westmeier
Sound: Clemens Becker
Editor: Benjamin Quabeck