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Daisy – Scratches in the table

Genre: Family Collection
Original Title: Madelief: Krassen in het tafelblad
Year: 1998
Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 85’/4 x 25′
Subtitled in: English

Daisy – Scratches in the table

Daisy – Scratches in the Table is an exciting film about a mysterious grandma. Daisy (10) has to stay with her grumpy grandfather after her grandmother died. She discovers a mysterious shed in the homegarden. It appears to be a treasure trove full of books and maps of distant countries. Was grandma an explorer? Why did she shut herself up in her shed and what is the meaning of all the scratches in the table? A secret sign? Daisy is determined to find out about her grandmother’s secret life. Based on award-winning books.

Director: Ineke Houtman
Writers: Original: Guus Kuijer, Scenario: Rob Arends, Maarten Lebens
Cast: Madelief Verelst, Rijk de Gooyer, Margo Dames, Kitty Courbois, Freek Blom, Peter Blok, Veerle Dobbelaere, Thomas Acda
Producer: Hans de Weers
Director of photography: Sander Snoep
Editor: Leo De Boer
Music: Henny Vrienten