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Bye Bye Red Riding Hood

Genre: Family Collection
Original Title: Bye Bye Chaperon Rouge
Year: 1989
Original Version: French, English
Duration: 94′
Dubbed in: Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian

Bye Bye Red Riding Hood

Fanny lives in the forest with her meteorologist mother. One day on her way across the forest to visit her grandmother and great grandmother, she has three encounters that will change her life forever: an apparently kind and gentle wolf, a city boy and an ornithologist who bears a striking resemblance to the father who long ago abandoned her and her mother.

Director: Marta Meszaros
Writer: Marta Meszaros
Cast: Fanny Lauzier
Producers: Rock Demers, Gabor Hanak
Delegate Producer: Ann Burke, Ferenc Szohar
Director of photography: Thomas Vamos
Art Director: Violette Daneau
Costume: Fanni Kemenes
Sets: Laszlo Rajk
Sound: Yvon Benoit
Music: Zsolt Dome