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Genre: Family Collection
Original Title: Knetter
Year: 2005
Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 90′
Subtitled in: English
Dubbed in: French, Spanish


Bonnie lives with her mother and her grandmother until one day a car accident takes her grannie away. From then on, Bonnie has to take care of her unusual mother who spends most of her time in bed and who is now saddened by the eternal loss. Her mother is so different from other mums that one day to please her elephant-loving daughter she brings back a real elephant from the zoo!

A film about loneliness, love and warmth.

Director: Martin Koolhoyen
Writer: Mieke de Jong
Cast: Jesse Rinsma, Tom van Kessel, Carice van Houten, Frieda Pitoors, Daan Schuuman
Producers: Joost de Vries, Leontine Petit
Director of photography: Menno Westendorp
Art Director: Floris Vos
Sound: Frank Struys
Editor: Joe Ter Burg
Music: Dirk Brossé