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Blue Bicycle

Genre: Family Collection, Drama
Original Title: Mavi Bisiklet
Year: 2016
Original Version: Turkish
Duration: 93′
Subtitled in: English

Blue Bicycle

Ali, a 12-year-old small-town Turkish boy, recognizes injustice when he sees it. When his dad was killed in a work accident, the farm blamed his dad. But Ali and his mum know otherwise and they’ve sued in court, determined to see justice done. Meanwhile, to help her make ends meet, Ali works in a village repair shop, putting the tips aside to buy his blue dream bike! Ali encounters injustice at school as well. Elif, the bright girl in his class who is elected president of students’ council– and whom Ali adores – was supposed to represent their school at an event in the big city, but she is passed over by the principal in favor of a new boy from a more prominent family. Enter Ali. Together with his best friend Yusuf, Ali starts a campaign to support Elif. Ali will always fight for what is right. His blue bike will have to wait.

Director: Ümit Köreken
Writers: Ümit Köreken, Nursen Çetin Köreken
Cast: Selim Kaya, Eray Kilinçarslan, Katya Shenkova, Fatih Koca
Producer: Ümit Köreken, Nursen Çetin Köreken
Director of photography: Niklas Lindschau
Editor: Ali Aga