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Genre: Family Collection, Fantasy
Original Title: Babine
Year: 2008
Original Version: French
Duration: 112′
Subtitled in: English


During a stormy night in the past century, the one named “the witch” is about to give birth. The simple minded child will live burdened by suspicion, as everyone seems to think that all the misfortune that is dawning on the village has something to do with his mother’s influence in witchcraft. When the church burns down leaving the Old priest lifeless, villagers will seek for the guilty and of course Babine will be accused. A New priest will arrive determined to punish the culprit and by all means he will use his power to sentence Babine to death. However, the wise Toussaint will manage to save his young friend.

Director: Luc Picard
Writer: Fred Pellerin
Cast: Luc Picard, Vincent Guillaume-Otis, Alexis Martin, Isabel Richer, René-Richard Cyr, Marie Brassard, Marie-Chantal Perron
Producers: Lorraine Richard, Luc Martineau
Delegate Producer: Martha Fernandez
Executive Producer: Vivianne Morin
Director of photography: Jérôme Sabourin
Art Director: Nicolas Lepage
Costume: Carmen Alie
Sound: Olivier Calvert, Dominique Chartrand
Editor: Gaëtan Huot
Music: Serge Fiori, Normand Corbeil