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Genre: Drama
Original Title: L’Audition
Year: 2005
Original Version: French
Duration: 111′
Subtitled in: English


Louis (Luc Picard) works as a frightener, a man who is hired to intimidate people who owe money. He has always had a secret desire to be an actor. One day, he gets an audition for a film role. He tells no one, not even Suzie, the love of his life. The audition scene is a will: the last message from a father to his son, recorded on video tape. Meanwhile, Suzie learns she is pregnant. She is torn, uncertain whether she wants to raise the child with Louis, given the kind of life he leads. She has no idea that Louis is in the process of changing his life. Eventually the two parallel plot lines link up as each learns the other’s secret, but Louis’s past catches up with them…

Director: Luc Picard
Writer: Luc Picard
Cast: Luc Picard, Suzanne Clément, Alexis Martin, Denis Bernard
Producers: Lorraine Richard, Luc Martineau
Executive Producers: Viviane Morin, Louis Laverdière
Director of photography: Pierre Jodoin
Costume: Carmen Alie
Sound: Dominique Chartrand, Olivier Calvert, Hans Peter Strobl
Editor: Gaëtan Huot
Music: Daniel Bélanger