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Antboy: Revenge of the Red Fury

Genre: Family Collection, Action/Adventure, Superheroes
Original Title: Antboy: Den Rode Furies Haevn
Year: 2014
Original Version: Danish
Duration: 84′
Dubbed in: English, French

Antboy: Revenge of the Red Fury

Antboy is more popular than ever. Just turned 13, Pelle is enjoying life as a superhero. In an ideal world, Pelle’s pal Ida would be his girlfriend. But the real world is complicated and now Pelle has an unexpected rival for Ida’s affections: a new boy in school who, in his own way, is a more formidable foe than The Flea ever was, a smooth operator who is fully intent on luring Ida away from him. And if this isn’t trouble enough, Pelle also finds himself being haunted when a brand new supervillain announces her arrival.

Director: Ask Hasselbalch
Writer: Anders Olholm
Cast: Oscar Dietz, Samuel Ting Graf, Amalie Kruse Jensen, Astrid Juncher-Benzon, Johannes Jeffries Sorensen, Marcuz Jess Petersen, Nicolas Bro
Producer: Eva Jakobsen
Delegate Producer: Lea Lobger
Executive Producers: Birgitte Hald, Bo Erhardt
Director of photography: Niels Reedtz Johansen DFF
Costume: Louize Nissen
Sets: Sabine Hviid
Sound: Thomas Huus, Bo Asdal
Editor: Peter Brandt
Music: Peter Peter