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Pim and Pom: The Big Adventure

Genre: Family Collection, Animation
Original Title: Pim and Pom: The Big Adventure
Year: 2014
Original Version: English
Duration: 73′
Dubbed in: Spanish

Pim and Pom: The Big Adventure

The two cats Pim and Pom are best friends who live together with “The Lady”. When, one day, the lady’s nieces Tracey and Stacey come to visit, they take the cats to the park for a picnic. However, the nieces want to keep the cats for themselves and have come up with a secret plan to kidnap them. Pim and Pom manage to escape their clutches but then they get lost and end up trying to survive on the streets. There, they meet a bunch of alley cats who really put their friendship to the test. Will Pim and Pom be able to stay together and find their way home?

Director: Gioia Smid
Writers: Fiona van Heemstra, Tingue Dongeimans
Cast: Georgina Verbaan, Cari Leslie, Michael Diederich, Eleanor Hollingsworth, Ally Beardsley
Producers: Pim & Pom bv: Gioia Smid and Hans van der Voort / Flinck Films: Michiel de Rooij, Sabine Veenendaal
Delegate Producer: Jolande Junte
Executive Producer: Joris van Wijk
Art Director: Marieke van Middelkoop
Sound: Arno Peeters
Music: Alex Debicki