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A Christmoose Story

Genre: Family Collection, Holidays
Original Title: Midden in de Winternacht
Year: 2013
Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 85′
Dubbed in: English, French

A Christmoose Story

A giant moose crashes through the roof of Max’s garage! A moose self named Mr Moose, a moose that talks!

Mr. Moose explains that while performing a test run with Santa Claus – the reindeers are too dainty for such risky business – Mr. Moose lost control over the sleigh and crashed. Mr. Moose has to rest to cure his injured feet, regaling the family with stories until Santa comes to fetch him…

Director: Lourens Blok
Cast: Derek de Lint, Jelka van Houten, Arjan Ederveen, Carla Hardy, Dennis Reinsma, Dana Goldberg
Producers: Leontine Petit, Eva Eisenloeffel, Joost de Vries – Lemming Film
Delegate Producer: Elwin Looije
Executive Producer: Clea De Koning
Director of photography: Philip van Volsem
Art Director: Niklas Lund
Costume: Monica Petit
Sound: Ruben Aguirre Barba
Editor: Annelies van Woerden
Music: Mark van den Oever