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A cargo to Africa

Genre: Family Collection
Original Title: Un CARGO pour l’Afrique
Year: 2009
Original Version: French
Duration: 90′
Dubbed in: English

A cargo to Africa

After twenty years living in Africa,Norbert returns to his home country, Canada, where he feels useless… And in danger. All he wants to do now is escape back to Africa, his motherland. But destiny has other plans for him. Desperately trying to get rid of his pet monkey Trotsky, he encounters an annoying solitary kid who follows him around. What starts as a confrontation evolves slowly to a true companionship. The man and the boy serve as each other’s bridge over troubled waters.

Director: Roger Cantin
Writer: Roger Cantin
Cast: Pierre Lebeau, Julien Adam, Louise Richer, Alexis Martin
Producers: Rock Demers, Chantal Lafleur
Director of photography: Philippe Lavalette
Art Director: Mario Hervieux
Costume: Françoise Chamberland
Sound: Dominique Chartrand
Editor: Roger Cantin
Music: Ned Bouhalassa, Oumar Ndiaye