My Hair Stories

Daily stories of boys and girls while they work on their hairstyles to show their personalities! How do you look, standing in front of the mirror, just out of bed? Wild, pretty, or don’t you dare to look? Everyone has their own haircut style using all kinds of "tools" such as gel, hair curlers, sugar water, ribbons, etc., but also with their own stories to tell!

Genre: Documentary
Original Title: Coupe Troep
Year: 2005
Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 30 x 7'
Subtitled in: English

Directors: Anne Geelen, Biba Krklec
Producers: Anouk Donker, Harold Lamme
Director of photography: Biba Krklec
Sound: Anne Geelen
Editor: Allard Bon
Music: Ruud Houweling

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