Crime in Bruges

Action takes the upper hand in this grippingly intense and compact crime series. Murder, extortion, prostitution, kidnapping – you name it. For behind the stately facades of Bruges’ grand homes and public buildings, are plotting crimes of passion, greed or vengeance. And when crime strikes, one man is always first on the scene: inspector Pieter van In. CRIME IN BRUGES is a lean, tense series that zips between exciting criminal cases and moving interpersonal stories that provide both thrills and emotional satisfaction.

Genre: Crime
Original Title: Aspe
Year: 2004
Original Version: Flemish
Duration: 117 x 50'
Subtitled in: English

Director: Various
Writer: Various
Cast: Herbert Flack, Francesca Vanthielen, Maaike Cafmeyer, Michel Van Dousselaere, Mathias Coppens, Ludo Hoogmartens, Adriaan Van den Hoof, etc.
Producer: Eric Wirix
Director of photography: Michel Van Laer
Music: Steve Willaert

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