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Sumo Kid

Genre: Family
Original Title: Sumo Kid
Year: 2021

Original Version: Russian
Duration: 88′
Subtitled in: English

Sumo Kid

Thanks to his dad, Vitya is a young boy with an unusual hobby: he loves sumo wrestling. But when his father leaves him and his mother for Japan, the love of sumo is all Vitya has left. For years, Vitya has been dreaming to participate in the junior sumo tournament in Tokyo so that his father can see him and the two will reunite. Vitya overcomes obstacles and tenaciously presses on towards his goal.

Director: Ilya Ermolov
Writers: Pavel Ruminov, Roman Melnikov, Sergey Bobza, Alena Baklanova, Ilya Ermolov
Cast: Ilya Sigalov, Masha Lobanova, Kamil Larin
Producers: Sergey Bobza, Alexey Kucherenko,Oleg Stepanov,Pavel Ruminov (creative)

Director of photography: Anton Drozdov-Schastlivtsev
Editor: Alexander Amirov