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Pluk and His Tow Truck

Genre: Family Collection, Fantasy
Original Title: Pluk van de petteflet
Year: 2004
Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 94′ or 4 x 25′
Subtitled in: English
Dubbed in: Spanish

Pluk and His Tow Truck

A fantasy set in Turtle Garden, Pluk is a little boy with a blazingly red truck. He looks for shelter for himself and has a soft heart for little and big animals. He fights for the rights of these animals to live freely in the garden.

Directors: Ben Sombogaart, Pieter van Rijn
Writer: Tamara Bos
Cast: Jack Wouterse, Arjan Ederveen, Janieck van de Polder, Suzanne Zuiderwijk, Yesheda Crommelin, Colin Tetteroo, Luka Schäfer, Siebe Schoneveld, Tobias Schoneveld, Willem Smit, Hanneke Riemer, Arjan Ederveen, Jack Wouterse, Paul Hoes, Erik van Muiswinkel, Chris Bolczek, Stefan de Walle, Erica Terpstra
Producer: Burny Bos
Director of photography: Remko Schnorr
Art Director: Michel de Graaf