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Genre: Family Collection
Original Title: Karo und der liebe Gott
Year: 2006
Original Version: German
Duration: 94′
Subtitled in: English


It is a terrible blow for 8-year-old Karo when her parents split up. She feels so miserable that she pours out her heart, in the hope that God Almighty might be listening. But Karo’s “God” turns out to be a shabby old man with an alcohol problem who lives in the same building. The old man finds himself drawn into Karo‘s unhappy world, and he simply can‘t help playing the role she has assigned to him. And Karo realizes that what makes him God-like is not his omnipotence but his growing willingness to devote his time to her and the problems she faces.

Director: Danielle Proskar
Writer: Danielle Proskar
Cast: Resi Reiner, Branko
Samarovski, Petra Morzé
Producer: Katja Dor-Helmer, Fiona Meisel
Executive Producer: Werner F. Reitmeir
Director of photography: Gerhard Hierzer
Costume: Theresa Ebner-Lazek
Sets: Judith Saupper, Peter Manhardt
Sound: Franz Moritz
Editor: Franz Moritz
Music: Klaus Hundsbicher