The Return of Tommy Tricker

Tommy Tricker and his friends are out to free Charles Merriweather, the mysterious lad held prisoner on a famous Bluenose stamp. But Charles turns out to be... a girl, his sister Molly! And she is rapidly turning into an old woman... To find a cure for her, Tommy takes off in a race against time that leads him and Molly to the exotic and magical South Pacific islands.

Genre: Family Collection, Adventure
Original Title: The Return of Tommy Tricker
Year: 1993
Original Version: French, English
Duration: 100'
Dubbed in: Spanish, Italian, German

Director: Michael Rubbo
Writer: Michael Rubbo
Cast: Michael Stevens, Joshawa Mathers, Heather Goodsell
Producer: Rock Demers
Director of photography: Thomas Vámos
Editor: Jean-Pierre Cereghetti
Music: Anna McGarrigle, Jane McGarrigle, Kate McGarrigle

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