Glowing Stars

Jenna lives two parallel lives: while experiencing the thrills of adolescence, her mom is dying. She struggles with finding herself and facing the fearful future without her mom. Based on award-winng novel.

Genre: Family Collection, Drama
Original Title: I Taket Lyser Stjärnorna
Year: 2009
Original Version: Swedish
Duration: 86'
Subtitled in: English

Director: Lisa Siwe
Writer: Linn Gottfridsson
Cast: Josefine Mattsson, Mika Berndtsdotter Ahlén, Annika Hallin, Anki Lidén, Samuel Haus, Judith Rindeskog, Charlie Gustafsson
Producer: Anders Landström
Executive Producer: Lars Blomgren
Director of photography: Andréas Lennartsson, FSF
Costume: Helga Bumsch
Sets: Helga Bumsch
Editor: Michal Leszczylowski, SFK, Margareta Lagerqvist, SFK
Music: Kalle Bäccman

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