Birds of Passage

Once again, Cathy receives a very unusual gift from her dad for her tenth birthday: an egg. When a duckling comes out of the egg in the presence of her friend Margaux, he immediately recognizes her as his mother! But Margaux is not fit to handle a baby duck and her parents want to get rid of it. Both girls are resolute to save their palmiped friend and embark on a fantastic journey where they will learn a lot about self-discovery.

Genre: Family Collection
Original Title: Les Oiseaux de passage
Year: 2015
Original Version: French
Duration: 83'
Subtitled in: English

Director: Olivier Ringer
Writers: Olivier Ringer, Yves Ringer
Cast: Clarisse Djuroski, Léa Warny, Alain Eloy, Myriem Akkhediou, Angelo Dello Spedale, Jeanne Dandoy, Renaud Rutten
Producers: Yves Ringer | Antoine Simkine
Sound: Vincent Mauduit, Eli Sundermann
Editor: Alanté Kavaïté
Music: Bruno Alexiu

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