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Code 37, The Movie

Genre: Drama, Crime
Original Title: Code 37, De Film
Year: 2011
Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 96′
Subtitled in: English

Code 37, The Movie

Hannah Maes and her team are investigating a series of strange indecency offenses taking place in Ghent nightlife. To Hannah, the search to find a perpetrator soon becomes a search to find herself and when her private investigation also gains momentum, she loses herself completely in the temptations of the night. But after Hannah’s flirtations with the night, the team comes up with a corpse in the morning…

Director: Jakob Verbruggen
Writers: Hola Guapa, Ed Vanderweyden
Cast: Veerle Baetens, Michaël Pas, Marc Lauwrys, Gilles de Schryver, Nathalie Meskens, Jurgen Delnaet, Geert van Rampelberg, Maaike Neuville, Peter de Graef, Aline van Hulle, Carry Goossens, Ben Segers
Producers: Rudy Verzyck, Dirk Impens
Executive Producer: Johan van den Driessche
Director of photography: Ruben Impens
Costume: Tine Verbeurgt
Sets: Kurt Rigolle
Sound: Pedro van der Eecken
Editor: Frank van Looy
Music: Intergalactic Lovers, Piet de Ridder